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Dog Life Jacket

So after careful consideration for your pets health and safety, you chosen to look into getting a dog life jacket. As a dog owner you may have many concerns. One of the first questions of my pop-up is "Which is the best dog life jacket"? Another question might be "How much do dog life jackets cost?" Or even "What safety features should I look for in a dog life vest?". All of these are valid questions, and when it comes to your dog's safety and health, all of these are important.

Whether you're looking for a large dog life jacket or small dog life jacket, WaterDoggy offers you value, style, selection and quality that you won't find in other life jackets for dogs. WaterDoggy offers you six different sizes of dog life vests ranging from extra small to double extra-large. All the pet life vests are made of strong quality materials like 600 Oxford fabric. Each vest has strong buckles and classes that help hold the life jacket on the dog properly. A strong mesh Velcro under body makes it easy to wrap the jacket around your dog, making sure for proper fit. Each jacket also contains quality lightweight and durable foam for high buoyancy. Added safety features include reflective side stripes, a sturdy handle for water rescues and under the chin foam padding. All of these features make WaterDoggy brand dog life jackets the best dog life jacket on the market today.

If it's style or color that you desire, we've got your dog covered on that too. Several styles to choose from in several colors to choose from your sure to find one that you like. We have the original designs of the "Pink Bone and Paw", "Blue Bone and Paw", "Blue and Pink Checkered", "Pink Hawaiian Style", "Blue Hawaiian Style", and several other solid colors without designs. Often you see our styles imitated and we've even found knockoffs but the quality design and quality of the materials is never beaten. Welcome to WaterDoggy Dog Life Jackets.